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Bespoke Metal & Wooden Business Cards

Unveiling Brax3D's revolutionary approach to complete customization and personalization of your business cards. Elevate your networking game with our 3 distinct packages:

  • Standard Package

  • Logo Package

  •  Business Package

  • Social Media Package

Explore the boundless possibilities of fully customizable options meticulously crafted by BRAX3D. Your business card, your way – redefine first impressions with Brax3D's innovative packages.

Seamlessly integrating the cutting-edge "TAP" feature, effortlessly promoting any desired URL by simply tapping the card against a smartphone.

From Ranges of only $18 - $37.50 choose between the option that BEST suits you!  Our packages have all the options for you to select. Click below to get started!

Click Tabs Below to View & Choose Your Business Card Package!


Business Cards


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